One fundamental reason why ethnic agenda failed in the previous gubernatorial elections in kogi state.

One fundamental reason why ethnic agenda failed in the previous gubernatorial elections in kogi state.


—Superior and credible election strategy is now key.
Not emotions based on ethnicity and other primordial sentiments.

By Otori Ozigi

The dynamics of politics in Kogi state under this democratic dispensation,has opened a new era of politics in the state that is a key learning curve, for all political actors and other stakeholders in the state.

Recall that ethnic agenda was a bonafide barometer and a common feature in Kogi politics, before the assumption of office of the immediate past governor of Kogi state,Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello in January 27,2016.

True,it goes without saying that previous administrations of all the three igalla sons that occupied the Lugard House between 1991 and 2016, all notoriously clinged to power on the plank of ethnic political evolution.

They were so drunk with power to the extent that they were rubbing it on the faces of other ethnic groups that power have come to stay with the people of the Eastern senatorial district because of unchallenged majority claims that have not gone through a holistic and credible census exercise.


It is general knowledge that the last census figures recorded in Kogi state were dubiously and greatly manipulated by the powers that be at that time,all of them from the eastern senatorial district.

The figures have remained subject of controversy uptil today.

Yes.There is no empirical evidence or records that the Igalas are the majority tribe in kogi state.

We are waiting eagerly for the next census exercise before that dubious claim could be put to test and laid permanently to rest.

But it took Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello to dymistify the almighty political power of the Igalas through superior political strategy based on the building of bridges across the three senatorial districts.

Recall that GYB broke political history by picking his first Chief of Staff from the eastern plank,in person of Chief Edward Onoja, who later became a Deputy Governor of Kogi state in the last dispensation.

Working with major stakeholders drawn from the three senatorial districts,GYB consolidated his ascension to power as he won his re-election in 2019, overwhelmingly.

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All this while, Igala gubernatorial candidates were still basking in outdated and anachronistic ethnic agenda.

For example, one of them, Engineer Musa Wada ,a former PDP gubernatorial candidate openly refused to campaign in the Central senatorial district throughout the campaign period.

He erroneously believed that his claim of the power of majority of his ethnic group would deliver victory for him on a platter of gold.

He even boasted on live television that his ethnic agenda would deliver because the Igalas have a total of 9 local government areas out of the 21lgas in Kogi state.

He is yet to recover from the shock of electoral defeat, suffered in the hands of Alhaj Yahaya Adoza Bello,a political icon with superior winning strategy.

The difference between GYB and other candidates from the Eastern plank is very clear.

While they are reveling in outdated ethnic agenda,GYB was busy building bridges across the state.

His foot soldiers are in all the nooks and crannies of the state.

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This is the winning formula of GYB which he deployed again in achieving the overwhelmedly and landslide victory of his successor,Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman in the last gubernatorial election in the state.

It is now very clear to discerning minds that a superior election strategy is more reliable than any ethnic agenda for the purpose of winning election in kogi state..

Comrade Murtala Ajaka should come to terms with the fact that his reliance on Igala ethnic agenda failed him woefully in the last gubernatorial election.

There lyies the fundamental lessons for all political actors from the Eastern senatorial district.

Go and build bridges across the state.

Nobody can Lord it on anybody anymore.

We all need one another in the business of politics in the state.

No section of the state is more important than the other

Our mumu don do.

Otori Ozigi,a veteran Journalist and PR Consultant, writes from Okene,Kogi State.

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