My mandate intact says NYCN Chairman, Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel.


The State Chairman wishes to address this matter as it is a case of utmost importance. There has been an alleged impeachment attempt by Umar Muhammed and his associates despite a directive from the National Secretariat to allow a thorough investigation into the ongoing issues within the State Chapter.


Regrettably also, Umar Muhammad and his co-travelers have chosen to boycott the ongoing investigation by not waiting for reports of the investigation initiated by the Commissioner of Police who received their petition and has been investigating through the SIB unit, thereby causing disarray among Kogi Youths.

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For the sake of clarity to our valued supporters and the public at large, the State Chairman firmly asserts that the mandate of over 2.5 million Kogi Youth remains intact. Umar Muhammed and his associates hold no constitutional authority or jurisdiction to suspend or impeach the State Chairman, let alone expel from the council.

Their continuous disregard for the National Secretariat, Kogi Youths, and the Constitution of the National Youth Council of Nigeria reeks desperation and necessitates certain actions that will be taken in due course.

Individuals who seek to gain from turmoil, engage in photo opportunities, and establish a parallel council in anticipation of the November 11, 2023 elections display a lack of vision and are primarily motivated by personal gain, as has been the norm. We hope they reconsider their actions and cease such endeavors.


We continue to appreciate your support and understanding as we work towards a brighter future for the NYCN.

Find below the letter from the National Secretariat.



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