Kogi Politics: Igala Agenda Unholy, Unpatriotic, Chief Richard Asaje fumes

Kogi Politics: Igala Agenda Unholy, Unpatriotic, Chief Richard Asaje fumes


The Convener and National Coordinator of Like Mind Alliance Pressure Group, Chief Richard Asaje, has voiced concern over what he describes as the unholy and unpatriotic pursuit of the Igala Agenda by the Kogi East Senatorial District, cautioning against extremism that could potentially undermine the collective interests of the people of Kogi State.

In a statement made available to journalists on Friday, Chief Asaje He expressed worry that some individuals and groups from the Eastern senatorial of Kogi State who feel highly of themselves against other ethnic groups have taken the Igala agenda to an extreme, risking alienation and division within the broader political landscape.

The statement read: “It will interest many people that I have been joining my voice with the voice of the Like Minds Alliance Pressure Group since the current political imbroglio surrounding the election of His Excellency, Alh Ododo Usman as Governor of Kogi State, and the unholy, unpatriotic and repulsive agitation of the Igala nation in ensuring that power returns to the Eastern senatorial district where it resided for 19 uninterrupted years.

“As an Elder Stateman, I decided to remain silent, watching events as they unfold, hoping that the Igala nation will see reason to allow political sleeping dog lie peacefully.


“Having seen their pathetic desire in making their unrealistic pursuit a dream come true, I realised it is time to break my silence, as the Yoruba people said and I quote “agba kiwa loja , ki Ori Omo tuntun owo”. Meaning that when elders are in the market, the head of a new born baby must not be crooked.

“While I am not faulting the decision of the Igala and Ebira people for standing by their political representatives or candidates, the Igala’s seems to have taken it too far , by exhibiting passionate, never seen before selfishness in their agitation for power to return to the eastern senatorial district where it has resided for 19 uninterrupted years , while the West senatorial district is yet to taste it for once.

“Chief among the reasons that is making me break my silence is the annoying and mocking statement of the Igala’s that since GYB did not give the ticket to the Okun Nation from Kogi West, then it should return to them, sounding as if the Western senatorial district are non existent.

“This point blank and glaring insult against our people is one of the main reason why we are not in support of their unholy judicial pursuit in attempting to claim electoral victory through the backyard door

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“Their attempt in truncating the divine zoning system of God which saw GYB emerge as Governor from the Central senatorial district against all odds, will make us expose the electoral frauds that is widely known and associated with Dekina and Ankpa local governments in Kogi East senatorial district which saw them holding sway as Governor’s for good 19 uninterrupted years.

“On this note, I am boldly declaring that if the Supreme Court deems it fit as we are confidently envisaging to declare Ododo winner of the election, heaven will not fall, as it did not fall when they (Igala people) were having their field day, as the Confluence State is not, and will never be an annex of the Igala nation.

“Many will marvel if I say, that many of us were not and are not comfortable with the way and manner that Ododo emerged as the APC flag bearer, as we quite agree that he emerged in a bizarre but not flawed electoral process as that is the same way the Igala sons that governed the State were emerging in their time.

“The one million question begging for an answer from the Igala apologists is thisv what electoral process produced Prince Abubakar Audu and other Igala Governors in their various ruling parties then. Their wolfish cry can be likened to the pot calling the kettle black.

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“I want to take everyone down memory lane to show that an average Okun person, and by extension the Western senatorial district have always been fair and objective when taking POLITICAL decisions.

“In the year 2015 majority of Okun people were angry with me for throwing my weight and support behind GYB against our own son, Hon James Faleke. Unfortunately, my people failed to realise that I was not a member of the Oyegun led APC National working committee (NWC) that produced GYB.

“I jokingly told some Okun elites who challenged me , that if JAGABAN who was then the National Leader of the APC could not impose James Faleke on the party who am I Chief Richard Asaje to do that.

I strongly believe that with the way and manner the Igala apologist’s are ignobly pursuing this unholy agenda of power must return, the people of Kogi West and Central senatorial district’s will have no option but throw their weight behind the victory of Ododo at the tribunal, while also giving unprecedented massive support to his administration so help us God”.

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