Chief Richard Asaje Breaks Silence on Kogi Politics: Condemns Igala Agitation for Power Shift

Chief Richard Asaje Breaks Silence on Kogi Politics: Condemns Igala Agitation for Power Shift


In a bold move aimed at addressing the ongoing political turmoil in Kogi State, Chief Richard Asaje, the National Coordinator and Convener of the Like Mind Alliance Pressure Group, has broken his silence to express his concerns regarding the agitation for power shift in the state.

Chief Asaje, revered as an Elder Statesman, has been observing the political landscape unfold since the election of His Excellency, Alhaji Ododo Usman as Governor of Kogi State. However, he has decided to speak out against what he describes as “unholy, unpatriotic, and repulsive” agitation by the Igala nation for power to return to the Eastern senatorial district.

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In his statement, Chief Asaje acknowledges the right of each senatorial district to stand by their political representatives or candidates. However, he criticizes the Igala nation for what he perceives as an excessive and selfish pursuit of power, particularly their insistence on power returning to the Eastern senatorial district where it has resided for 19 uninterrupted years.

One of the main reasons prompting Chief Asaje to break his silence is the perceived insult against the people of the Western senatorial district. He condemns the Igala’s mocking statement suggesting that since Governor Yahaya Bello did not give the ticket to the Okun Nation from Kogi West, then power should return to the Igala people, implying the disregard of the Western senatorial district.

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Chief Asaje expresses his opposition to what he views as an attempt to disrupt the divine zoning system by which Governor Yahaya Bello emerged from the Central senatorial district. He warns against the Igala’s pursuit of power through “unholy judicial means,” suggesting that electoral frauds associated with certain local governments in Kogi East could be exposed.

Despite his reservations about Governor Ododo’s emergence as the APC flag bearer, Chief Asaje asserts that if the Supreme Court upholds Ododo’s victory, it would not be the end of the world. He emphasizes that Kogi State is not and will never be an annex of the Igala nation.

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Reflecting on past political decisions, Chief Asaje recalls his support for Governor Yahaya Bello in 2015, despite opposition from his own people in the Okun Nation. He asserts that the people of Kogi West and Central senatorial districts will rally behind Ododo’s victory at the tribunal and provide unprecedented support to his administration.

Chief Richard Asaje’s statement signals a significant voice in the ongoing political discourse in Kogi State, urging for unity and fairness in the political process.

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