Betta Edu and the issues around the palliatives money scam is deeper than what Nigerians are been told.


……the saga, there is more to it than meets the eye.


…….CUPP calls for open public investigation.

……. Any attempt to use political consideration to sweep this monumental corruption under the carpet will be resisted by the Nigerian people.

CUPP welcomes the suspension and investigation of the Humanitarian Affairs Minister, Dr. Beta Edu and hereby urge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to go beyond Edu and fish out anyone that is connected to or partake in the stealing of our collective patrimony.

It our belief that the suspended Minister could not have carried out that heist without the urging of a stronger and perhaps high-ranking member or members of the present government.

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The whole issue surrounding the palliative and the larger Humanitarian Affairs ministry has become a sore thumb in both this government and the previous one.

The former minister Sadia Umar is still under probe for embezzling close to forty billion naira before the present minister is fingered for her ignoble role in the transfer of five hundred and eight five million naira to a private back account.

CUPP does not really believe in giving people fish to eat, which the ministry stands for, but in teaching people how to fish and become self-sustaining. CUPP imagines what the budgets of over five hundred billion would provide in the areas of cottage industries with the attendant employment it will generate, or farm settlements that will spring up, food produced, and employment that go with it.

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The federal government should rethink the role and mandate of the ministry and save the nation from this embarrassment.

High Chief Peter Ameh
National Secretary CUPP

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