Abubakar Rajab Urges Unity and Inclusivity for Kogi’s Political Harmony


In the wake of recent endeavors seemingly yielding no fruit and resources being expended, it is an opportune moment for our populace to earnestly acknowledge the verifiable truths and realities before us. It is a time for unity, aligning ourselves with the government’s aspirations. To those who hold genuine care for our people, I implore you, to refrain from inciting discord against the government.


The esteemed Prophet, may peace be upon him, fervently advocated for unity, emphasizing that a community seeking progress should be in accord with its government. Should the government falter in its duties, divine judgment will prevail. Pursuing legal recourse despite the evident electoral discrepancies in Kogi East and the failure to attain the requisite vote percentage appears futile. A more constructive approach involving reconciliation among stakeholders is anticipated, possibly culminating in an inclusive government.

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While we, the Igala tribe, constitute a substantial portion of the population, the prospect of becoming a minority arises when other tribes consolidate. We must recalibrate our strategies before irreparable damage ensues. Consider this scenario: if the government channels its resources predominantly to areas like Ibaji and Bassa, leaving the eastern regions with only seven out of twenty-one local governments, we risk marginalization. Unity is paramount in Kogi’s political landscape; no single tribe can govern the state alone.

I earnestly beseech the government to overlook the missteps of our people and adopt an inclusive governance approach. The Governor’s acknowledgment of the Igala people’s tolerance and hospitality contrasts sharply with the divisive trends exacerbated by our political leaders. These leaders must reevaluate their stance and partake in pragmatic politics, devoid of emotional entanglements and ethnocentric biases.

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Governor Yahaya Bello’s first term was led by the Igala people, but mistakes were made. Rectifying these could bring back peace and collaboration in our state.

May harmony return to Kogi state. Let’s revive the unity we once had. I pray for a Kogi where unity reigns, and everyone is seen as family. A’amen.

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