A Rejoinder to Cascade News blog of 15th day of January, 2024 titled “Obadofin of Oweland: Chief Julius Arokoyo

A Rejoinder to Cascade News blog of 15th day of January, 2024 titled “Obadofin of Oweland: Chief Julius Arokoyo emerges the candidate of Odolu Ruling House”


The attention of Obaro of Kabba and his chiefs in council has been drawn to the online publication credited to Cascade News, an online media house heralding the emergence of a candidate to the stool of Obadofin of Oweland in view of the vacancy created after the demised of Oba Michael Yusuf, the Obadofin of Oweland.
Ordinarily, the Obaro of Kabba and his Council would have ignored the publication by the attention seekers but our decision to reply this heinous publication was bored out of the Council’s respect for its tradition and to keep the public informed of the inaccuracies conveyed by the publication as the unidentified informant only succeeded in exposing his ignorance of Owe custom and tradition or he made the publication due to some deliberate intellectual mischief.
The Council is compelled to state, that nomination, selection and appointment of Obadofin of Oweland will be in accordance with Owe/ Kabba tradition and the extant laws, principally the Chiefs law and the Edict No.12 of 1995 “Obaro of Kabba (Filling of Chieftaincy vacancy Declaration of Indigenes of Kabba / Oweland, Guidelines for the rotation of Ololu titles and other miscellaneous provision, Edict, 1995.” And Flowing from the provisions of Edict No.12 of 1995, selection of Ololu in event of a vacant stools shall be in accordance with the tradition of Kabba / Oweland. See paragraph 11 (a), and 12 of the Edict.
Fact about Owe tradition, after the funeral rites of Oba Michael Yusuf, in line with Owe tradition the Obaro of Kabba as the most senior of the selectors transmitted a letter to Oba-Odolu being the head of the Odolu ruling group whose turn is to produce the next Obadofin of Oweland therein requesting the group head and his family heads to screen interested individual who has indicated interest in the vacant stool as tradition demand to forward names of their candidates to the selectors.
It is worthy to mention that by owe tradition the duty on the ruling group is to process eligible candidates for the selectors who in the circumstances are; Obaro of Kabba, Obajemu of Oweland, and the Obani of Oweland for further traditional steps that will lead to the emergence of the most suitable candidate out of the names forwarded by the ruling group whose turn is to produce the next Obadofin.
It worthy of note, that the need to consult ifa oracle in owe tradition is the exclusive preserved of the Ololus, and if at all the Odolu ruling group did consulted ifa divination as widely circulated in the publication, it is of no moment in processing candidates from the ruling group. The essence of the letter of 3/5/2023 is for the ruling group to ascertain if those who have indicated interest are indeed from Odolu ruling group, whether they are holder of at least one owe traditional title before payment of the traditional fees “Ewo Iho” if the family heads can answer these question in the positive then such individual is eligible as a matter of right and their name must be transmitted for the selectors consideration.
I make bold to states here that no ruling group in Oweland have the right to set up a selection committee both in law and tradition in an attempt to usurp the function of the selectors. Reading through your publication of 15/1/2024 every right thinking Nigerians cannot be in doubt that your informant has no idea of the procedure for appointment of graded stool in Kabba/Oweland and indeed Kogi State and as such the Council distance itself from the said publication


The Council wish to assure every candidate and the reading public that the process for the selection of a new Obadofin of Oweland is on, and the selectors will meet at appropriate time in line with Owe tradition with regard to voting upon candidates with regard to their relative ability, character, popular support of each candidate and prayers as fundamentally required by our tradition as such the council distance itself from the widely circulated publication on the emergence of Chief Julius Arokoyo thereupon assured all candidates who have indicated interest in the vacant Obadofin stool in line with owe tradition that the office is still open for any of the candidate to emerge in line with owe tradition.
I have discussed my reply to the Cascade News online blog and trash credited to an unnamed informant with the Obaro in Council and I have their approval to publish this rejoinder so that the reading Public will be more enlightened beyond the misleading publication of the 15th day of January, 2024, to this end the selectors will meet in coming days to deliberate as tradition demands to recommend one of the candidates from Odolu ruling group for the vacant stool of Obadofin of Oweland for appointment and approval of the Executive Governor of Kogi State.
The Council’s further state, that they are not unaware that in every selection process there is bound to be echo chambers like your informant whose opinion does not account in the midst of the well notorious owe tradition and custom that has enjoyed pronouncement at the Supreme Court of Nigeria as such the chunks of tantrum throw into the media space by your “informant” for the excitement of the vulnerable can best be described as delusion of tradition and the extant procedures for selection to Obadofin stool in Owland sanction by the various laws.
The Obaro in council’s therefore enjoin the public to disregard the widely published claim on the emergence of a new Obadofin of Oweland and assured that in line with Owe tradition and law, a new Obadofin of Oweland will be announced in days ahead.
May God continue to bless Owe land.
Author & Signed by:
Chief Rufus Ibinola ( The Obariwajoye of Oweland),
Secretary, Obaro in Council,
For the Obaro of Kabba and the Council of Chiefs.

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