It is said that, no matter how fast falsehood travels, truth will certainly catch up with it and eventually overtake it.

Whenever a statement of fact is placed side-by-side with that which was engineered by the needs of the stomach and pocket, the reasonably intelligent lot would not be in the dark as to the obvious truth.

That, the Kogi State House of Assembly is in deep crisis is no longer news.
That, the Kogi State Government also found a willing destructive tool in the person of Hon. Enema Paul is equally glaring.
That, Hon. Enema Paul allowed himself to be induced by stolen patrimony of the State to the extent that, he chooses to dishonorably rub himself alongside the State Government acting through; another of their very corrupt proxy; the Speaker, Kolawole in the mud beats the imagination of those who gave him their mandate.

For the purpose of unmasking some of the hitherto concealed lies from Hon. Enema Paul in his recent jaundiced public interview, here are a few questions that, Kogi State People and entire Nigerians must ask; and assuming without conceding that;
the signatures collected from 19 Members of Kogi State House of Assembly; with which the Former Speaker, Rt. Hon. Mathew Kolawole was legally impeached and rightly removed was for a vote of confidence on the Governor:

1. Why then did the Former Speaker, Rt. Hon. Kolawole, Hon. Rabiu Alfa, Hon. Muktar and three (3) others refuse to sign the so called vote of confidence if indeed it was truly a Confidence Vote on the Governor?

2. Is this so called vote of confidence the first passed on Governor Yahaya Bello in the last 6 years?

3. Where is the original copy of the signatures and so called written and passed vote of confidence?

4. Is it obvious that, the likes of dishonorable Enema Paul, Rabiu Alfa, Muktar and the other 3 attack dogs of Kolawole are being illegally rewarded even for a poor job?

It is however unfortunately demeaning of the mandate of these dishonorable members to allow themselves to be once again, being intimidated into selling their rights, voice and little dignity for just a pot of porridge like the biblical Esau.

Hon. Ododo Mohammed Farouq.

By joshua

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