~ Sadiq Joseph Eneji
Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Okene Local Government, Kogi State, Nigeria.

Apparently, Ohere who happens to be the most acceptable candidate to steer the ship of Kogi Central via representing her in the Red Chambers officially addressed as the House of Senate in the National Assembly is a ravishingly attributed man of sound records under his employer, Alhaji Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

Abu, a solid man baked with the fear of God. Abu, a reliable representative to project the name “Kogi Central” in the Senate House. Abu, the next legislative representative in the Red Chambers of the National Assembly, Nigeria. Abu, a none quiet leader both verbally and in actions hence an attractor of remarkable developments.

Ohere, i am sure in the know of your plan to revitalize the intellectual-creativity, the knowledgeably erudite and learned strength naturally deposited amongst we the youthful breeds of the renowned and blissful Central part of Kogi State in Nigeria.

The Next Distinguish Senator Sir, we know we have got a candidate with full merit deposited with the courage, confidence and conscience to aid her State Government in rehabilitating some of her District’s Internal Roads, primary health centers, sound unveiling of comments, contributions and realistic sponsoring of productive and global-developmental bills, rehabilitations of school buildings and scholarships offer for her students. Ohere will do more than expected and i myself including yourself are both in the transparent know of this.

I learnt we have got series of letter “O” heading the name of our past Senators and factually communicating we can read range from the legislative seasons of Ohiare-Ohize-Ogembe-Oseni. Ohere, yours will cause emergence of colorfully productive developments, solid and legal sponsoring of our youths abroad to encounter more responsible disciplinary engagements. I know you!

By joshua

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