It has come to my knowledge that a particular individual is writing the wrong of many decades, bringing smiles to the face of the downtrodden, making life simple and better for the hopeless and downtrodden.


This made me curious to find out who is really behind the scene… Then I got my answer… *HAJIA DR RAMATU TIJJANI ALIU*

Haven gotten the answer to my question, it is important I make my findings as regards *WHO SHE REALLY IS*

Hajia Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Aliu is one of those few humanitarian of the 21st Century whose core interest is to raise future giants from the gutters of their community into Global entity via empowerment any other available opportunity

Hajia Ramatu remain one of those few federal appointees whose humanitarian and empowerment programs cuts across the three senatorial districts of their state and the first of its kind in Kogi state, empowerment ranging from youths, widows, educational empowerment etc.

The personality of Hajia. Dr. Ramatu Tijjani is topnotch among her colleagues that it has earned her traditional recognitions and titles from Various traditional rulers within and across the country.

Conclusively I’m bold to say the kind of Hajia Dr. Ramatu Tijjani is the breed that Nigerians yarns for, in other to deliver the country from the shackles of misrepresentation because of her heart for service to humanity is second to none.

Hon. Kunle Ola Emmanuel.

By joshua

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