Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi, has been honoured with an award of excellence by Kogi Youth Development Association.

Kogi Youth Development Association is an assembly of distinguished and outstanding Kogi Youth coming together after seeing the urgent need to form a common front towards the advancement of Kogi State.


In a statement issued to Thenigerianpost, Comrade Olorunhudo Samuel Taiwo
Chairman, Kogi Youth Development Association (KYDA) disclosed that Dr. Bolu Femi has contributed in no small measures assisting to enhance the Productivity of Kogi Youths via positive programs, Capacity building and promoting the core value of hardwork.

According to the statement issued: ” The entire Members of Kogi Youth Development Association are humbly pleased to associate ourselves with you and your leadership style with can never be over-emphasized but Worthy of emulation.

After our well organized and conducted Congress held at Halims Hotel Lokoja, the congress men of this noble association ergo reached resolution to nominate Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi as Kogi Youth Ambassador of the year. This is in recognition and appreciation of his commitment, dedication to humanitarian services and his tremendous services towards reminding the youth of Kogi State of what is really important in life.

In a Statement by the Chairman of the Association, Comrade Olorunhudo Samuel Taiwo, described Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi as a good man to reckon with as his profile is sterling and he stands out among his peers.

He is someone who had been on a Journey of breaking bounds and stunning his world with his good leadership qualities which can never be over-emphasized but worthy of emulation. Dr. Bolufemi has always been the Star in the Field of intellectual prowess and of unique leadership qualities and Skills.

He is passionate about the future of the people as developmental democrat. His humble and humane disposition made him a great man that most of our people are very proud of.

The Chairman further said Dr. Bolufemi is someone who inspires trust and is sensitive to the needs and interests of others, he added.

The Treasurer of the association, Comrade Abdulmalik Ferdinand also described the awardee as a philanthropist and a core community developer who always seeks to empower individuals and groups of people with the skills they need to effect change within their communities.

According to the Treasurer, DR. Bolufemi Rotimi is a Complete gentle man to the core, he is a friend of the masses, a good listener and a giver. On several occasion, he has proven himself to be a selfless leader whose door is readily and widely open to his people.

He further said Dr. Bolufemi has in so many ways acted out the quality of a good Samaritan and has Contributed immensely towards making sure the youth overcome difficulties to achieve success through his tremendous services to humanity.

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