By A.Abdullahi

I saw a hanny Rosy Rose. More sweeter than the Honey comb. I do see Rosy Roses But this Hanny Rosy Rose Smelled out the fragrance of a strange Beautiful Rose.


I saw a Hanny Rosy Rose That is more sweeter than Honey comb. In the tunnel of my darkness I saw the smoke that light-up my faith.

I saw a Hanny Rosy Rose.

That is sweeter than Honey comb. The pregnant Rosy Hanny Rose Came with four sweeter Roses. The first, like the mother hen. That shade the chick & hen from hawk.

Walahi! I saw a Rosy Hanny Rose. I desired to knot down and take to Jannah. But she left to Levant and cause. Me, leukaemia of the heart.


By joshua

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