Yesterday I was on transit and my phone battery got drained from calls from allover the world asking me to watch myself & other Nollywood stars in a movie premiered on satellite TV channel African movie epic (DSTV/GOTV).


The movie titled *WALK WITH ME* produced by *MAIMUNA ABAJI* with a star studded cast of legends in the African movie industry including yours sincerely J.F.O.
I also handled the music and soundtrack.

The movie not only projected the fabrics of my people (IGALA) but also the names,language & other aspects of our culture.

Many who called  used their mobile device to record and send to me various clips of the great movie

It made every Igala who watched it proud and a lady who called even began to cry as she showered prayers on myself, my dear sister Maimuna Abaji & all those involved in the movie.

While i thank you all for the calls and prayers, it got me thinking this morning & I had to pen this;

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, our creative industry is the 2nd highest revenue generator while creating over 2.7 million jobs as at today June 14th 2022.

In my state (Kogi) about half a million jobs are created by this sector monthly but it is amongst the least funded by the government.

The Kogi state council for arts and culture is a hub of so much creative talent but alas a visit to the council office with the dilapidated buildings & the collapsed uncompleted open air theatre would make you weep for this same council that has continued to win laurels but home and abroad for the state.

The creative sector creates jobs for thousands of youths keeping them off crime and trouble yet enjoys no serious support & funding from the government when compared to other states.

Imagine what will / can happen if funds or a revolving loan is invested or infused by government, institutions or any wealthy individual for practitioners of the sector to use and return & it revolves as it is done in other states.

I believe more can be done for our practitioners of the creative industry in Kogi and Igala land in particular to be able to stand tall with their counterparts from other climes.

We shall keep keeping on while we pray & hope for that intervention.


By joshua

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