The Hon. Sunday Karimi Campaign Organisation has described as unfortunate the recent attack on the person of Gov. Yahaya Bello by Sen. Smart Adeyemi through a cartoon on his status aimed at denigrating the Governor.


The Campaign Organisation made the remarks following the undignifying status of Gov. Yahaya Bello on a stretcher, described the Senator’s action as unfortunate asked him to rethink and retrace his steps.

While pointing out that the Senator has an overblowted ego of himself, a Statement signed by Olumorin Teddy on behalf of the Campaign Organisation, said they are not surprised that he is always biting the fingers that feeds him.

The Hon. Sunday Karimi Campaign Organisation said if the Senator who was politically resuscitated in 2019 by the Governor, paid his political and legal fees could come under this kind of attack, says it is not surprised that since after the APC Kogi West primary he has blocked their principal from reaching him.

The Hon. Sunday Karimi Campaign Organisation says it has made frantic efforts to reach out to the Senator after the APC Primary’s, but expressed shock that the Senator could block his lines from allowing him access.

The Campaign Organisation says from experience it has always known the Senator as one who has always turned around to bite those who assisted him in his political career, said they are not surprised at his actions, described his new attack on the Governor as a trade in stock he is used to.

The Campaign Organisation however says it is surprised that he would take and vent his anger on the Governor for no just cause even after helping him to regain all that he lost in 2019 with a return to the National Assembly.

The Campaign Organisation described the action of the Senator as too petty, pointing out that Kogi West does not belong to him, said he has been tolerated for too long, urged him to look back at those who have helped him to be what he is today, lamented that the campaign organization is aware that he fought them all.

The Campaign Organisation says it is aware of how Hon. Karimi has sacrificed alot for the Senator along with others too numerous to mention who helped him politically, expressed displeasure that he has however paid them in bad light.

The Campaign Organisation appealed to Gov Yahaya Bello not to take the attempt to malign him with a pinch of salt, insisting that Kogi West Senatorial District is full of responsible people.


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