Kogi LGA is fully APC now and always.

Hon. Abubakar Usman has reacted to the so call defection of APC Members to the PDP said to have taken place in Kogi LGA.


The spokesman of the Elders in a statement, pointed out that it would be politically foolhardy and an unwise decision to expect any Kogi and Lokoja Local governments person to vote PDP for Senate knowing fully well that Kabba Bunu Ijumu Federal Constituency has held on to the Senate for 16 years.

In his reaction to the purported defection said to have taken place in the area at the weekend, Hon. Abubakar Usman on behalf of Lokoja / Koton Karfi Elders Forum, said it would amount to postponing the political destiny of the people Kogi and Lokoja LGAs further by voting for the PDP.

He said having watched Kabba Bunu Ijumu Federal Constituency in the Senate for 16 years consecutively, wondered when it would be the turn to build their own political home in Kogi and Lokoja LGAs if the Kabba Bunu Ijumu Federal Constituency is allowed another chance.

In his words: ” Nobody should be fooled by the so call defection. It is the turn of Yagba Federal Constituency to produce the next Senator. It is hope that after Yagba it will now return back to Lokoja/ Kogi Federal Constituency”.

” It is unfortunate that what is to be shared politically by brothers in the West Senatorial District has been hijacked by Kabba Bunu Ijumu Federal Constituency for 16 years, regrettable, they now want another slot that would papertually keep Kogi and Lokoja LGAs waiting for another eight years”.

” This is politically insensitive and insult to the sensibility of the people of Yagba Federal Constituency as well as Kogi and Lokoja LGAs for Kabba Bunu Ijumu Federal Constituency to still want to have a shot at the Senate in 2023. Where is Justice, where is equity and fairness”.

The candidate of Yagba Federal Constituency, Hon Sunday Karimi remains the sure bet for the people of Kogi West, urged the people not to toy with their votes in other to remain relevant in the scheme of political representation.




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