*Peter Obi calls for prayers for Nigeria, says the country is collapsing.


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The Resident Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) International Headquarters, Anthony Oke, Gbagada Expressway, Lagos; Bishop Dr Peace Okonkwo, has urged Nigerians to continue to be hopeful of God’s intervention in the affairs of the nation and in their individual affairs.


She stated that God is faithful and will help the nation and them get out of their challenges.
She admonished them not to despair but to continue to pray to and hope in God, adding that God is good and would not want His children to perish.
She spoke on Sunday at TREM International Headquarters during a church service to mark her 70th birthday anniversary.
She said, “It is never too late. Nigerians do not be weary and worried. Let us continue to pray and hold on to God. God will see us through. He does not want us to perish. He will help us.”
The Presiding Bishop of TREM, Dr Mike Okonkwo, prayed for God’s intervention to address the challenges facing Nigeria.
He also admonished Nigerians and politicians to be godly and work for the general good of all.
The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, who graced the occasion commended Bishop Mike and Bishop Peace for their positive impacts on society. He described them as being Godly and working for the progress of people and nations.
He added that they are not sycophants but always tell the truth to power and other people.
The former Governor of Anambra State also raised the alarm that Nigeria is collapsing. He accused politicians are being the ones causing the problems in the country.
He also said that Nigeria has started to manifest the indices of a failed state and urged urgent measures by all Nigerians to save the country from totally being a failed state.


He asked Nigerians to pray to God for politicians to use the resources of the nation for the public good.
He said Nigeria had incredible resources and articulate, hardworking, resilient, talented, visionary and highly competitive and knowledgeable people, adding that leadership was the problem of the nation.
The former Governor of Anambra State urged Nigerians not to be deceived by religious and tribal sentiments, adding that politicians were using such to divide the people so as to continue to deceive them and plunder the commonwealth of the country.
He reminded them that people, regardless of their tribes and religions, were going through high inflation, insecurity and other challenges confronting the nation.
Obi said, “I ask for your prayers, your prayers for Nigeria, your prayers for your country. I have said it repeatedly, your country is fast collapsing. Do not look at it whether this man is from east or west or south or north. I just send somebody a text. I asked him, did you watch one of our primaries where somebody stood and spoke the best language the best speech that will sell anywhere in the world, but I told him that he was speaking to the right audience because that speech is not what they want to hear. So he lost and he became third because they do not hear speech. He was not speaking what they hear. Pray for your country. It is important.
“And please let your prayer point be: let God touch every politician, use me standing here because I am one of them, let God touch all of us to use public money for the public good. It is not our money. Our children are at home. People are suffering.
“Do not say this man is from your place.No tribe buys bread cheap, so whatever you are suffering in tribe A, the other tribes are suffering it. No religion buys bread cheap. It is the same price for each religion. It is the same price for each tribe.
“Do not listen to all these things we are deceiving you: I am from East. Anywhere that is safe, let me go there and live. Every tribe has the same problem. This is the confusion we create. Pray for your country, your country is collapsing. and those who are collapsing are we, the politicians. Nothing else. Do not listen to anybody. Nigeria is a good place except that it has bad leadership. that is the only problem. That is why somebody will speak the best speech anywhere in the world and you will be no one but when you finished it, nobody listens to you.”
He lamented that leaders are faced with sycophants who deceive them with sweet tongues.
Obi said, “The greatest tragedy in this job that we, the job I did and what I am doing here today as a politician is seeing people who will tell you that you are doing the wrong thing. If you are a governor, everybody you meet, in fact if you meet 10 people, 11 will tell you that you are the best. Nobody ever tells you that you are wrong. Everybody is His Excellency, His Excellency. Bishop Mike is one of those who can say, I disagree with this. And it is rare in Nigeria. It is rare in Nigeria. That you get every few of them who will tell you ‘No.’
He said Nigeria’s problem is the failure of leadership. He stated that if he becomes the President of Nigeria, he will address insecurity, and economic challenges and make the country great again.
He said he has a formidable structure.
Obi said, “First, what we are going through is the cumulative effect of leadership failure over the years. I am going to bring leadership and I have prived it something. The greatest impact is providing security is by providing jobs. You can not have a country where millions do not know where their next meal will come from and you think you can have security. So you need to provide jobs. That we will do because having been a wealth creator before, I know what to do to create jobs easily. I know what development is all about. The greatest contributor to development is education. And I have proved it somewhere. We have taken education from an abysmal level to the highest level when I was the governor of Anambra State. That we can do.
“To stop insecurity, we have to focus on doing the right thing. We should start by pulling people out of poverty. It will improve everywhere and compel people from several countries. The more you pull people out of poverty, the more you reduce insecurity. You also man and equip the security structure.
“Pray that God will touch the hearts of politicians, we the leaders, to use public money for the public good and by doing that, that is how you are going to reduce poverty, that is how you are going to equip security agencies properly. The resources made for that, you do know what is happening today.
“Taking about structure, I have the strongest structure ever. A hundred million Nigerians, living in poverty is my structure. 35 million unemployed youths are my structure. The unpaid mothers and fathers that are dying, and being owed gratuity and pensions is my structure. So I have the greatest structure in Nigeria. That is the structure we have. the absolute structure is the students who should be in school and tertiary institutions are closed.
“What makes a state a failed state is when you are no longer in control of your territory when you are no longer in control of your economy, are we in control of our economy?”

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