The Special Convention and Presidential primaries of the APC has come and gone. However, issues linger, surrounding the loyalty and/or otherwise of some party delegates and supporters, hence the need for this piece.


The election has come and gone but more importantly, our Governor, H.E Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello has made a mark, he has been able to put Kogi State and in fact the North-Central geopolitical zone on the National radar in the scheme of things.
This I consider a landmark achievement and should not be undermined or less celebrated by accusations, blame trading and finger pointing.

The one that readily comes to mind is the accusations trailing and questioning the vote allotted to Hon. James Fabola in the just concluded election and it is pertinent to set the records in proper perspective.

The above mentioned individual has proven overtime to be credible, reliable and straightforward, but most worthy of mention is his bluntness.

Hon. James Fabola does not rely on monies made from politics for survival but rather make financial commitments towards wherever his loyalty lies.

Even though the election was a secret ballot election, Hon. James Fabola have a credible witness to testify to the fact that he casted his vote in favour of Governor Yahaya Bello.

It is on this premise that we call on everyone involved in this campaign of calumny, to please cease and desist, Hon. James Fabola is a straightforward person and has since satisfied his conscience at that election. Our Governor has also moved on is more focused on the business of good governance in Kogi State.

I therefore call on those who are in building castles where one does not exist to please look elsewhere, we know where the loyalty of Hon. James Fabola lies.

Kind regards,

Ayodeji Emmanuel, Esq.
A.P. C Stalwart Yagba Federal Constituency.

By joshua

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