– By Abdulhameed Ivavah

Most supposedly key appointees of Governor Yahaya Bello are parambolating, writing motivations to take people off realities after failing to help GYB secure atleast a vote.


Being unapologetic, I will say youth from the Central axis of Kogi State are not honoured but on the contrary, acclaimed intellects from other axis of the state are being glorified, hence the genesis of our predicaments.

In the course of GYB2PYB, we came up with a trailblazing proposal that addressed primarily some praiseworthy modalities for Delegates hunt, and the social media, but was not honored. The ones submitted by Youths of other axis were welcomed but it’s obvious today that the concepts weren’t well drawn-out, this is because the objective was directly CONDEMNING THE ELDERS, drawing the campaign as “Youth for Youth”. Little did the approval know that it will be looked at, “as a revolutionary fight and forces will be at the cross road to achieving the real goals.”

Check all the Northern Governors, the Presidential aspirants that stepped down, likewise every other powerful men in the country, none were Youth, this is a pointer that the concepts which goes with threat to retire all elders politically while they still have the sole power to decide are failure on arrivals. Review should have been made, but what did I/we know since we’re not from other axis of the state which would have earn us hypes.

It may interest us to know that those Elders commands more youths across the country. You could narrow the search to the value of Youths that must have been bought over by certain benefits by those elders during their reigns in their respective constituency or states.

Today, on what looks like a convention could be possibly adjudged that the Elders teamed up to dealt with Youths once again. That simply tells that the Elder unequivocally owns the country and no threat whatsoever achieving the set goals. In synopsis, we use our own hands to kill ourselves with the adoption of a structureless social Media group such as RENMISS, BAN, YBN and GYB NETWOK Movement protesting the country instead of a more formidable political Team in hunts for Delegates. We bring up a proposal for this but not honored.

At some points, a formation of SSAs and state assembly members got huge amount of money for a missionless jamboree of visiting royal fathers across the continent instead of the Delegates, Chanting youth up and down, sending morbid fear into the spine of the Elders with absolute powers to decide.

Be that as it may, it’s noteworthy to say GYB has demonstrated his capacity. He has displayed courage and bravery in the world of a political crocodiles and he came out not swallowed but with ovation for a Dogged fight.

I must use this chance to say GYB’s Lieutenants immensely contributed to this failed mission. They lacked better ideas to make good impacts and they always take things emotional and very temperamental in approaches. If I may suggest, I will recommend for them, political reorientation.

Again, the politics of sycophancy has led us to this juncture. Everybody wants to be around GYB to show that they love him. GYB will leave lokoja for Abuja for his political lobbying, they will lock their offices and followed him with find a merriment joint. Many are worth over 500 million but none among over the 100 key office holders could boast of atleast 2-5 external delegates in favour of their Boss, GYB.

How about the 63 delegates accrued to the state, they end up sharing the slots among relatives, leaving out the real loyalists of GYB that they see on daily basis, and entered Abuja to disappoint their own Boss who made them for 30million crooners.

Well, I can only end it that failure isn’t fatal except but a courage to continue and change tactics to achieving success.

What has happened is an eye opener and Governor Yahaya Bello must be aware. Many for long concealed his intent for kogi 2024 Gubernatorial seat, but to them Now, the jungle is ripped. We will soon start seeing much more magics. The unexpected shall continue to happen. The dynamism of politics is about to be played, nonetheless I can only pray that Governor Bello should be able to overcome the shock from his closest and trusted allies as we traverse to future. The choice to get burnt by same flame lies in your hands. We shall keep writing to expose many facts.

*Abdulhameed Ivavah*
*Writes from the home of steel, Ajaokuta LGA*
*09-June 2023*

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