Yes, the past twenty months or so, I switched boat in the middle of the political sea of Kogi State.


Reason not far fetched.

I recall when I was still in same boat, I saw it as my responsibility as a follower to tell the lead men where our voyage seems faulty.
Some of the co voyagers and some low rank co Captains if the ship saw it as affront tagged it disloyalty.

They saw some of us who dare to question some abnormalities as rebels and disloyal folks.

Often times, all they needed was just one chanting heaps of praises on them, that act I termed hallelujah boys which I told many of them that I can’t do such.
They termed me too heady a person.

Annoyingly, some so called leaders will tell you “Oga wetin be your own?” Just chop the one wey reach you and clean mouth”? Then I ask myself is that all to life and leadership?

Observe table manners even when you know the ship will eventually collapse soon?

I believed his struggle coming from the youth perspective, wanted to offer the best I could at that time, alas! That wasn’t what was required.

I got sacked from place of work not because I stole or committed any offence on the job. They simply tagged it that I was acting unruly.

I dashed to my dictionary to check the true meaning of the word unruly and tried correlating it with true life situation on the job. None, not one who never had query, warning or any sort of disciplinary measure in the job. There were days I wept, yes even in the Office. My colleagues tried consoling me.
I asked what exactly my offence on the job was. None.

Politically, I offered so much for these guys, I was almost lynched by my true political friends today because of my former folks now political foes. Only God rescued me from the Ajaka fracas.
This brought more tears.
Instead of reward I was retributed unjustly.
Long story cut short, I moved on.
Picked my pieces again, started hustling differently in a just way all not to shame and see my wards go hungry a single night. God was and is still faithful.
Am bouncing back somehow.

This man no matter how daring he was found himself in a very wrong team.
A team filled with low mindedness, containers without content, yes only a few could offer good stuffs. Some of those few were even kicked out.

Take a closer look at the winner of today’s presidential primary.
All you see is men and boys of deep content. People who could offer at international level.

Think about all the hitches BAT surmounted to clinch victory.
Those around Jagaban as fondly called weren’t hallelujah boys. They are content developers and am so sure they tell their principal the true situation of things.

GYB consistently failed on this path.
I recall the day he called me to discuss the benefits of this Presidency and what it truly meant for Kogi I told him it was a good venture.

Well, while I want to congratulate him for truly daring what seems to be unimaginable or unthinkable, his very weak team was his Achilles heel.

It played out so clear in the result.
He went to this battle with his own footmen, 63 of them and 16 sold out!
It’s not just about the sixteen, he has them even in his first eleven. They have been serving themselves all along. His interest wasn’t really theirs.

This will play out in days, weeks and months to come.
They will start double dating the new bride for their next meal.
That’s what they major in.

Apart from most of my comical post, he’s really got guts read it from any angle you wish. He did made a statement.

He came, He saw did he conquer?
Let’s leave that to varying perspectives.

Good evening.

Macjosh writes from the CONFLUENCE

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