I write to sincerely appreciate H.E Alhaji Yahaya Bello for taking the BULL by the HORN Against the self acclaimed Leaders from the other end. It wasn’t a lost battle at all. Your Excellency, the courage, vision, tenacity, decisiveness and capacity exhibited and as well as the zeal to go in contest with the Mighty Bola Asiwaju Tinubu (BAT) amongst others contenders is APPLAUDABLE and I am glad to be path of this HISTORICAL journey. Let me quickly say a thank you for putting Kogi state into National discourse. Your name will forever be reference in our National Polity as the youngest Governor in Nigeria History who stood firmly for the emancipation of the younger generation.


Your Excellency, You undoubtedly break the jinx of Tribalism in Kogi state, fought Religious/Nepotistic bigotry, Proscribe ASUU, Kicked against the imported COVID’19 virus, arrest insecurity, Established Confluence University of science and technology, Osara, Executed Many capital projects and supported the ENDSARS protest diplomatically. You dare what others thought was impossible. You’re indeed the “WHITE LION”.

May I also, appreciate Dr. Usman Ogbo , Rector, Kogi state Polytechnic, Lokoja for the untiring commitment, unflinching resilience, Undiluted strength and massive support thus far. Sir, You have proven to be reliable and a trustee of Yahaya Bello led administration. God bless you FORWARD.

To our genuine Delegates and Party Leaders; Chief Chief Edward David Onoja (DG), Hon. Abdulkarim Jamiu Asuku (COS) and Hon Onogwu Galacticus (CPS) who selflessly voted and supported this movement from the start to the finish line, God Bless you. You’re indeed a “REGENERATIONAL HERO”. I am pleased coming in contact with you all.

To us who stood genuinely to the end, let it be known that One mark of intelligence is the capacity to choose our words carefully and the discernment to know who should hear our voice. It is not every time someone (Naysayers) abuse you, insult you, denigrate you, and castigate you that you should respond to them. Maturity with Intelligence is to first ascertain if the person is worthy of a response and differentiate if the person is intelligent enough to process your words.

Finally, Let not waste words with people who have no capacity to digest the content of their post without wearing optics of bias, prejudices, hatred, anger, envy, and jealousy. Once you conclude that your opponent is an embodiment of low IQ and negative EQ, it makes no sense trying to appeal to his/her corrosive minds and poisonous sensibility.

In the end, we are one Indivisible and indissoluble political Party, APC.

Congratulations BAT.

– BinMaLik
GYB2PYB Unapologetic

By joshua

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