Our people in Yagba West, thank you for all you stand for: hard work, intelligence and resourcefulness.


As we begin to look for the right candidate in the forth coming election at the State House of Assembly level, we should have it at the back of our minds that election is not about killing or spilling of blood. No ambition is worth human blood.

Let’s carefully look at the antecedents of all our candidates that want to represent Yagba West State Constituency at the House of Assembly level, so that we don’t make mistakes.

Let’s vote for the personality who’s having no questionable character, who will not be so desperate to use human blood to run election.

Let’s put sentiment aside and elect someone who is capable and who will never kill our children for rituals in order get money for election.

We need only a tested and a trusted candidate for this job.

Thank you my people.

Concerned Yagba West people

By joshua

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