Hon. Sunday Karimi has described Gov. Yahaya Bello as a Nigerian with impeccable credentials that would bring a breath of fresh air in all areas of life for Nigerians if elected as APC flagbearer and President in 2023.




The APC Kogi West Senatorial District Flagbearer in a statement described
Gov. Bello as having a unique blueprint of governance, who will irrespective of demography, faith, and tribe usher in a breadth of fresh air to the country.

He described Gov. Bello as youthful, resourceful with the intellect and prepared policy document tagged ” Hope” to offer quality leadership as truly desired by Nigerians.

He assured that Gov. Bello has a clear vision that would provide good health, Jobs opportunity and a united and secured Nigerians.

He described Gov. Bello as having the most developmental blueprint ready to face the country’s challenge, urged the National delegates to vote the youthful Governor to enable him tackle the multi sectoral challenges facing the nation.

He called on the delegates to vote Gov. Bello to enable him strengthen the country’s economic predicaments and to enable him run an all-inclusive type of democratic government as envisioned by the founding fathers of the country.

In his words: ” there is only One Nigeria whose citizenship is without exception deserves the APC ticket to enable Nigerians have equal access to the good things of life.

” 2023 is a defining moments for Nigerians. We’ve tried regional and sectional politics. It has failed us. We’ve tried religious and other forms of choosing our leaders, yet we are far from where we ought to be”.

The way Governor Yahaya Bello runs his government is such that there is no place for tribalism, no ethnicity, no nepotism, no exclusion. Development is equitably shared and the State is now more united”.

Gov. Bello represent the new, secured Nigeria and as we set out to elect the APC flagbearer today. I urge all delegates should give Yahaya Bello their votes and he will make Nigeria and Nigerians proud.

The APC Kogi West Senatorial District Flagbearer appealed to the delegates to put the country far and above other sentiments, assuring that with Gov. Bello, Nigeria is in a safe hands from 2023.


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