Nigeria‘s Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State is a Nigerian of distinguished credentials who is coming as a breath of fresh air for Nigerians irrespective of demography, faith, and tribes.


Governor Bello has a unique blueprint of governance. The most youthful and resourceful governor is an intellectual in his own right and has prepared a policy document with his vision encapsulated in good health, Jobs Opportunity, Being United and Security. In it, he set out his vision of the developmental challenges facing the country and how he will tackle them, sector by sector when he becomes president.

His political agenda have always been to select distinguished international audience of foreign diplomats, Nigerians, politicians, academics and leading businessmen across the world, to strengthen Country’s Economic Management Systems, a cooperative and all-inclusive type of democratic government in which the states and the Federal Government would be partners in a transparent system built on prudent economic management.

A unique quality which sets Governor Bello apart from counterparts and which shows that he is the best choice for Nigeria in 2023 going forward is his usual thinking that, “there is only One Nigeria; whose citizens without exception deserves equal access to the good things of life”.

The way Governor Yahaya Bello runs his government is such that there is no place for tribalism, no ethnicity, no nepotism, no exclusion or 95 versus 5 per cent! Absolutely, no one near him is made to feel unwanted, a stranger or an outsider.

A new, secured and vigorous Nigeria can be achieved with Governor Yahaya Bello. As we set out to elect the APC flagbearer today, all delegates should give Yahaya Bello their votes and he will make Nigeria and Nigerians proud.


By joshua

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