1. Lack of Purpose: When someone’s life is not driven by a meaningful purpose, such a life can hardly attract quality and productive relationships

2. Dishonesty: If you are the type that is dishonest in your dealings and relationships, it is a terrible character that can disconnect good people from you

3. Laziness: If you are lazy and unproductive, your life won’t attract the right individuals, but the same calibers of lazy and unproductive people

4. Nonchalant Attitudes: Carelessness or carefree attitude is evidence of a life without meaningful purpose. If you live a carefree life, it repels purposeful people from associating with you.

5. Ingratitude: Taking people for granted, forgetfulness of good deeds done for you by others, or poor return for the kindness received, is simply ingratitude.

6. Pride: Even God, looks at the proud from afar, the same goes with the man. Humility would draw good people to you while pride and arrogance chase them away.

7. Fake Personality: There are no benefits to living a fake lifestyle. When right people realize you are a fake and a pretender, they stay away from you.

8. Absence of Value: Everyone appreciates a life of value. Make sure your life offers and adds value to others. Where value is lacking, worthiness is surely missing.

9. Selfishness: It is good to love oneself, but not to the hurt and detriment of others. Be selfless and avoid being seen as a selfish person.

10. Disloyalty: Everyone desires a loyal and trusted lover, friend, partner, associate, etc If your loyalty cannot be trusted, loyal and truthful people will be far from you.

11. Wickedness: If you are wicked and devilish, no godly and right-thinking individual would want to relate or associate with you.

12. Absence of Success: Nobody appreciates failure. If you desire to mingle with successful people, make sure your life is making progress no matter how little. Success attracts success, same with failure.

*Worth Thinking About:*
When it comes to relationships or associations, it is a decision that requires deliberate intention and purposeful actions. Your life can only produce the same category of individuals you continuously associate with.

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