The Media have been asked to show more interest in reporting issues affecting people with disabilities.


Ishaq Dan Imam, a Journalist and a Member of the disability community in Kogi State, urged the media to contribute to the well-being and upliftment of PWD, says no one should be left out in the fight for improved lives for PWD, pointing out that no one should be excluded in the fight as any one can be infected or affected.


The Voice of Nigeria reporter made the disclosure while contributing to a one day training workshop on disability reporting in the media, Get Involved, Dialogue and Improve Project, held in Lokoja for Journalists.

The Training was Organised by Stallion Times, with funding by Macarthur Foundation, is a collaborative Media Engagement for Development, Inclusion and Accountability for Journalists is currently ongoing in Kogi and Kano States.

The Journalist urged the media to devout their media spaces to encouraging the Media Industries to engage PWD to work as media practitioners, pointing out that one of the major problems affecting PWD is unemployment, education and marriage.

Imam says getting married is another challenge facing the PWD, lamented the stigma from the society when it comes to getting a life partner, called for government to institutionalize free education for PWD.

He called for special schools for PWD, lamented the cost of education in Nigeria, stressed the need for special education at no cost.

In his overview of Disability Issues in Nigeria, Project Co-ordinator, GDRIP, looked at the various issues relating to PWD and organizations working on disabilities in Nigeria.


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