Ebira Youth Voice(EYV) appreciate the effort of our prestigious and marvelous mother in person of Mrs. Lami Ahmed Onayi, Managing Director of Taches Nig. Ltd. Who has shown tremendous sincerity in building the youths.


She is a great mother that has invested heavily to the development of everyone around her and would personally see to the habilitation deploying resources for such whenever the need arises.
As a philanthropist, she has a great numbers of widows and orphans under her care through her charity foundation she founded to cater for the less privileged.
Youths and women of Ebiraland acknowledged her zeal in developing the society by connecting with youths, and their various activities targeted at changing lives and enlightening the people on the need for unity as catalyst for project.
There is a proverb which says” what a man can do a woman can do much better”, this succinctly captures the sacrifices and efforts made by her in Ebiraland.
She is a leader with a good leadership qualities and sagacity in building the youths and women of Ebiraland. She has been of assistance to numerous youths with job opportunities within her capacity as a mother with the love of the youths at large.
She is known as a multi-talented woman with value and integrity, who always emphasizes on practical training and skill acquisition as a tool for future development that can strengthen the lives of the youths under her watch as a philanthropist.
She has contributed positively in promoting youth affairs by supporting any programs that concerned youths and women in her best ability as a resource woman.
We therefore call on our Royal father, the ohinoyi of Ebiraland in person of HRM. ALH. DR. Ibrahim Ado to recognize her with the best title as the “ONYI-NOYI” of Ebiraland because she deserved much better than that in reference to her track record in building both the youths and women within and outside Ebiraland.

Thanks you so much for your wonderful efforts in pilotiing youth affairs with the best of your ability.

Best regards our philanthropist.

God bless Mrs. Lami Ahmed Onayi
God bless Managing Director, Taches Nig. Ltd
God bless Ebiraland.
God bless Kogi State.

Comr. Hadi Ipemida
National President
Ebira Youth Voice.

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