By Kogi Central Media Crew.

Patience, Loyalty and Integrity are virtues that’re not gifted to all; but who ever is blessed with, have nearly all good things of life.



So is the case of the Frontline Aspirant and Kogi Central Senatorial hopeful, Engr (Dr.) Abubakar Sadiku Ohere whom many see as “patience, integrity and humility personified” going by his antecedents and records of service under the Governor Yahaya Bello‘s Administration.

In him, is the exemplification of the trio which one needs to emulate in whichever tasks one is assigned to and as well firmness of those virtues in which ever fate befalls one and also never deviating from the goal one sets out to achieve.

In the last four (4) years, it was Ohere, Ohere, Ohere on the lips of the people at the grassroots. In the mouths and minds of the aged, women and youths across Kogi Central and beyond, Ohere remains a household name. It’s correct to the Ebira maxim that says “mouth that tastes salt can never speak bad of salt”. Today, as God almighty would have it, the same Ohere is to be unveiled as the Senatorial flag bearer of the Progressives Party in Kogi Central. To many of us who have been following his credentials, it will come not as a surprise as the Okene born Political guru has repeatedly paid his dues and thus would be like a rewarding moment for his magnanimity which calls for reciprocity.

At a time when some political pundits thought it was all over, the progress minded Leader, the ever loyal and dependable ally of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello is taking his rightful position in the scheme of things and no doubt to the betterment of Kogi Central.

“All thanks to His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello for listening to the voice and yearnings of the good people of Kogi Central on whose lips and minds is Engr Ohere.”

Go on the dependable Ally of GYB!
Go on to make the Difference!
Victory awaits you at the Polls Today!
Congratulations to the Kogi Central Leader!

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