Ebira Youth Voice Association appreciate Alh. Dr. Sanusi Abubakar Gamji, for his generous efforts to the youths in Ebiraland.


As a father figure who has expended so much in generating wealth in form of job creation for the masses, he has done a lot to alleviate the plight of those around him and others who troop in all the time looking for one favour or the other.

It is worthy to note the various contribution he single handedly spearheaded despite not being a government official by using his resources to secure different strata of jobs in government parastatals for the teeming unemployed youths.

His educational platform through which he granted various scholarship to aspiring youths from base to graduate levels is another pointer to his philanthropic gestures.

Dr. Sanusi has always seek peaceful coexistence among the people of Ebiraland and Kogi state as whole. This attest to his leadership qualities which prompt the sons and daughters of the land to always besiege him in coming out for leadership position both in politics and other areas of life, owing to the trust the people have in him. This is a message to our father that we the youths are ready to rally round him in vying for any position both at state and federal level since he is eminently qualified. This is to enables him continue with the good work he has been doing from time immemorial.

We therefore joined other well meaning citizens of this nation and kogi state in appreciating a well deserved astute businessman Alhaji Dr. Sanusi.
We pray for Almighty God to further shower his blessings on him and expand his business empire.
Sooner or later he will be pronounce as the number one citizen of kogi state by the special grace of God, because, the youths so much believe in his capacity as a leader and so a father who has invested heavily in promoting the youths in all aspect of life.

Best regards your excellency in view.

God bless Alh. Dr. Sanusi Abubakar Gamji.
God bless Ebiraland.
God bless Kogi State.

Comr. M.I Hadi
Ebira Youth Voice
National President.

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