Our attention has drawn to a Press Release by Senator Adeyemi purporting that his life is been threatened because of his aspirations.




We in the Yagba Youth Forum wish to State that the man has lost touch with realities because of his desperation and fail to know that he has lost every electoral value.

For a man that went visiting delegates from his own local government only for them to walk out on him because of past failed promises which seem to be hunting him, certainly needs to rant to cover up his imminent defeat.

We are not surprised at the ranting of an expected loser having seen the handwriting on the wall. We would have expected that he honorably pull out, throw in the towel and not use sentiments to attract sympathy.

Recall that the embattled three time Senator of Kogi West Senatorial District, Senator Smart Adeyemi, has vide a press release expressed fears that his life and that of his family is being threatened by aspirants, this we wish to make clear is done in a bid to attract sympathy of the delegates in the forthcoming Primary elections.

But little does the Senator know that his past has caught up with him and he has being completely rejected by the people of Kogi West, who have vowed to free themselves from his unproductive representation.

Gbenga Adeyemi.
President, Yagba Youth Forum.


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