_By: Martins Lawal._
_Amb.oshere Hassan M._

_The leading Aspirant of People’s democratic party PDP,in Ringim/Taura Federal constituency of jigawa state, Hon.Gambo ibrahim Gujungu.


_A leader who is organised and focused,and very purposeful, passionate to represent and serve his people to bring dividend of democracy to our doorstep.



He is a very simple personality that is approachable not so full of his own important that he will not have time for his people. His simplicity is a true definition of that Representative we were clamouring to have in power come 2023_

_Personal quest, fame or frivolities did not drive him into this contest rather he derived was driven out of benevolence and collective ideas of like minds geared toward a goal driven direction of the people emancipation and uplifting constituency, its long position we are all longing for which I am vehemently sure can only guaranteed under a charismatic, competent and visionary leadership of Hon. Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu got employment opportunities to our teeming youths about 28 people’s across the Gujungu, Taura, Kaugama and Ringim Local government.

This young man have strive in Educational development to his constituents by his fervent sponsoring more than 115 students in different Higher institutions in which all graduated successfully as many obtained BSc, HND, OND and NCE, to bring quality governance of true representation.


His Excellent performance continued in area of Infrastructural Development,such as Boreholes and Renovation of Mosques,Reticulation and other social Amenities,he buttress the need to have Youths empowerment as that of distribution of Motorcycles, Sewing machines and Grinding Machines across the Jigawa state especially His home town Gujungu, Taura and Ringim as represented.

The people’s servant leader with a positive influence that he will eliminate self serving behavior and instead he focuses on the need of the communities and town and quality life styles of his people.

As emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goldman say’ “The best leader don’t know just one style of leadership they are skilled at several and have the flexibility to switch between style as the circumstances dictate.

The people’s great vision is to make people great mission an accomplished.”

Martins Lawal
Hassan M.oshere Kafin Hausa….

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