The attention of the Leadership of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, Kogi State Chapter has been drawn to a letter addressed to the Chairman,
Nigeria Labour Congress,

We ordinarily would not have chosen to join issues with the author, Comr. Abdullahi Rufai and Coordinator of Joint Workers Union. But the need to put record straight and to correct the misinformation which may have been created in the minds of the discerning public makes it expedient for the reaction.

We make bold to state that the Leadership of the NUT has in the last few years under the present Leadership made the welfare and interest of workers Paramount.

We equally make bold to state that the support and commendation from the members, who have followed our efforts in making the desired impact amidst the challenging times and available resources has been our staying strength to continue to aggitate for the interest of our members.

We make bold to state that in our last agitation for improved wage for our members under the Joint Action Union, never did we arrived at a benchmark of percentage to be paid as salaries.

Without mincing words, we state with emphasis that after over a week long agitation and base on the financial resources available, we accepted the offer with a proviso for an upward review in the subsequent month if allocation improves.

We therefore wish to assure our members that just like from the onset, we’ll continue to make there welfare a priority. While we acknowledge the genuine concern of our workers for improved percentage, we are resolved to ensure that at all time and base on improve resources, be rest assured of our unflinching commitment.

We equally wish to react to the issue of the Leadership of the NUT as raised in the letter. The State Chairman having been overwhelmingly voted to serve the interest of members, would work within the constitutionally and approved time frame of his employment.

For those who are in doubt of his entry and exit date in service to do the necessary confirmation. We make bold to direct them to the State Universal Basic Board (SUBEB). The office we believe is open for all to confirm the information and wish to call on mischief makers who have hinged on ignorance calling for the resignation of the Chairman to do same.

Once again, we wish to assure that the Leadership of the NUT, all things being equal, would not and would never under any guise mortgage the welfare of members.

Comr. Ayodele Thomas
State NUT Chairman,
Kogi State.

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