Stop Saying ” I want to ease myself”, it is Wrong – See 16 Errors made in English And Corrections:

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16 Errors Made in English and their corrections

It is highly necessary and expedient that we master the use of the English language. I know it could be a bit herculean at times To master due to the fact that it is a borrowed language Especially in this part of the world; but regular Learning and constant Usage and application of the language will definitely lead to perfection.

As a Distinguished business man or woman, consultant, student, Receptionist, cleric, or whatever profession Or occupation you are into, Speaking Well constructed English with little or no errors Will surely Give you an edge and take you above others around you. The English accent is well attributed to respect, trust me you would never regret being able to get the right words at the right time. Listed Below are so some often misused statements in English and their corrections. See below:


1. Incorrect –You are Lacking behind

Correct–You are Lagging behind

2. Incorrect – I searched Every nook and corner

Correct – I searched Every nook and cranny

3. Incorrect –You can’t buy a bicycle Talkless of a car.

Correct –You can’t buy a bicycle Let alone a car.

4. Incorrect – I am going to an all night

Correct– I am going to a vigil

5. Incorrect – I will Do my possible best.

Correct – I Will Do my best.

6. Incorrect – The bread Is is too strong

Correct – The Bread is too tough

7. Incorrect – Ngozi is mannerless!

Correct – Ngozi is ill-mannered!

8. Incorrect – I saw your missed call

Correct – I missed your call.

9. Incorect- The manager is not on seat.

Correct – The manager is not in the office at present.

10. Incorrect – Emeka and Tony are birds of the same feather

Correct – Emeka and Tony are birds of a feather.

11. Incorrect – Jacob is a trickish fellow

Correct- Jacob is a tricky fellow

12. Incorrect – I want to ease myself

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Correct – I want to pass urine

13. Incorrect -Lend me your ring boiler

Correct – Lend me your boiler or water heater

14. Incorrect – Mr John is my Tight friend

Correct – Mr. John is my bossom Or close friend

15. Incorrect- Many people buy coloured television these days

Correct – Many people buy colour television these days

16. Incorrect – I am feeling headache

Correct – I am Having a headache

I hope you learnt from these English statements and corrections. Do well to master them and apply them in your day to day conversations with people.

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